Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Saying Goodbye well

I think its pretty hard to say goodbye well. As I start this blog, I am thinking of how we have been saying goodbye to many things the last few weeks. We were blessed with a wonderful opportunity to go to a cross-cultural training called Mission Training International which offered Nolan and I, as well as 40 other adults and 20 children going out into the mission field, an amazing preparation to entering other cultures. We spent three weeks in community with many other like-minded friends and learned many practical skills about going cross-culture, as well as dove deep into our own selves, understanding our own values, grieving, resting in Christ, as well as a plethora of other themes. It was so helpful and gave us lots of things to think about as we prepare to go to Madagascar.

Leaving our dear friends at MTI was hard, but it was so fun to drive back to Santa Barbara visiting my brother James in New Mexico, my cousins Jenn and Josh in Phoenix, Nolan's parents in Tuscon, Nolan's brother Evan in Pasadena, and then seeing all our friends back in Santa Barbara. Now 10 days since our return to SB, we have to say goodbye for 4 months, which isn't at all a goodbye forever, but still, I think it is representative of a much longer goodbye that will come in the near future. Anyways I wanted to say goodbye here to a short list of the things and people we will miss

....Goodbye Free Methodist Church, goodbye Paradise Cafe, goodbye Super Cucas burritos, Goodbye Sara, Goodbye Jack, Jenn & Rob, goodbye Wuerz', Cass', Jenny,Orchowskis, Conways, Canadas, Alexandra, Mumms, Sunday small group, Kierstin, Elise, Eden, Jake, Cole, Travis, and the rest in Youth Group, Daily Grind blueberry streusel muffins, Denny, Doug, Discipleship group, Shoreline Park, Buddy scooter, Mesa donuts, Goodbye Worth Street Reach, Goodbye street friends from Thursday nights, Goodbye farmer's market, SB airport, beach walks, El Cap camping, ELS students, Julie, and even more unlistable things....see you all in mid September!! We'll miss you!