Sunday, July 10, 2011

Life in Antsirabe

This month in Antsirabe has been flying by! Our little house on Jamie and Alissa's property has been perfect! It's pretty cool at night and warm with a nice breeze during the day. Every morning we get to see the girls and their friend Oliver have Skole (malagasy word for school) from 8-12 while Alissa and Oliver's parents (Jonathon and Mandy) are at language school with Madame Laloa. They sing songs, learn their abc's and numbers and then we usually ALL go on a "bear" hunt or field trip to a neighboring hill or lake so they can run, play, and explore learning malagasy words along the way. It's so fun to see the girls growing up so much these past few weeks!

One day we went to Lake Chichiva, a HUGE crator lake that actually rises in the hot dry season, and lowers in the wet season! It is said that 2 lovers died here when their parents wouldn't allow their marriage. No one swims here because of bad luck or taboo, but Nolan jumped in the icy water for a swim!

Another day we visited some people who have a very difficult job: brick makers. They spend their lives doing this back breaking work in the mud for not much money, and still they stopped to tell us about their lives with the always present malagasy smile :)

Antsirabe is also home of some unique artisans. As we were getting ready to leave this city, we wanted to see these beautiful products.
Bicycles and trucks hand crafted from old and new medal pieces.
Jewelry made out of bull horns
Beautiful hand made paper with flower pedals

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