Tuesday, June 7, 2011


We are actually in MADAGASCAR! We left on Friday and arrived Monday morning at 1 am after 45 hours of very interesting travel! Flights went smoothly; we weren't charged for extra luggage or carry-ons and British Airways staff were impeccably witty even if their leg room left much to be desired ;) We even fit in an amazing 5 hour Safari in Kenya with lions, giraffes and zebras oh my! Jaime, our good friend who moved here in January with his family, was there to pick us up in Antananarivo, (Tana) and thanks to one of the security guards being a friend of his, he was even able to surprise us in the baggage claim area!

From the airport, we went to a World Venture friend's house and slept a few hours until the sun came up. Once we woke, the day was full of running errands like picking up a stove and Jamie's dad....and then we took the three hour journey south to our home for the next month with the Shattenbergs in Antsirabe!

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