Tuesday, June 14, 2011



We had a four day weekend for Penticost holiday I believe, so all 7 of us went to Ranomafana (GREAT name, eh?) where we were able to see an amazingly still in tact rainforest...you would have LOVED it! It was wild and well taken care of with tons of chameleons, geccos, frogs, insects, mangoose, lemurs and more! it was so cool to see how the forests here SHOULD be. So many hills throughout the country are bare and eroding because they've been burned down for farming or planting of invasive trees like pine or eucalyptus (pardon my spelling). Anyways, it was so neat to see all the creatures and fun stuff in the forest! Here is a list of our favorite sites....

Lemurs big and small:
The first evening we went on a night hike and we saw our FIRST lemur...this was no ordinary lemur either, we saw a gray mouse lemur, which is THE smallest primate that only comes out at night! They were curious fellows and fun to find!

A Fantastic Gecco:
On one of our day hikes with our trusted guides, William and Andry, we saw the most amazing reptile...in fact it is so amazing it's name says just that : Uroplatus Phantasticus. It is a gecco that looks and feels exactly like dead leaves. Fantastico!

We finally saw chameleons! A few lined the trail into the forest, but we saw the most on our night hike. They were glowing white in the trees, sleeping sweetly until we disturbed there slumber. Once we picked them up they would instantly begin to change color! What an amazing creature!

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